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I'm a sucker for a redhead,Idk the name of the guy but he's like in my top 5 favorites.,This girl is the whole package,is she taller than him?,Nice

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Faerg 20.02.2020
"Yo...anybody in Atlanta who's down for this? I'm accepting applications LOL,Hot as fuck! Is there a full version anywhere?,Yes. It’s coming out very soon,So fucking hot. Love it!,Thank you very much!,I love his videos they always have me soaking wet 😩,They're always perfect no matter who he's with. And bareback makes it even better,Where do I find people down for this?,The clip is kinda hot. But by now we know that Wolf is mostly into chicks outside of liking some dick on occasion. And I suspect that Rockus is mostly into dudes. They're more like a straight and gay guy with some quirks and kinks than anything else. It'd also be nice if some of these bi clips could have some homo-eroticism/homo-passion/homo-romanticism and actually included dudes with unabashed same-sex preferences. Therefore, ""bi"" behaviors would stop being so connected to hetero-normalcy.,I can’t believe there’s bi discourse on pornhub,There seems to be something intrinsically human about needing to put everything in boxes and label them. I think it has to do with the way we work out conflicting ideas in our head. For example, I'm happily married to a woman, really enjoy porn with tgirls and some bi stuff, and I've had a lot of sexual encounters with guys. But the thought of kissing or being romantic with a man is a hard no (heh) for me. Whatever that's ""called,"" it's me. The box and label don't matter much anymore.,Many homosexual/homo-leaning/homo-romantic/gay guys still fall for the ""being able to have sex with a female means that you're a real man as opposed to a basic fag who's scared of lady parts"" crap. Instead of a lot of these porn dudes pushing for inclusiveness and embracing the ""spectrum"", most seem more interested in using bi behaviors to indulge guys' internalized homophobia and hetero worship and to promote being bi behaving and being hetero-leaning as being ""superior"".,Almost all these dudes who upload bi videos are in hetero relationships. Most only truly consider themselves ""straight"". Almost none of these guys have unabashed same-sex romantic/sexual/relationship preferences. And ""professional"" bi porn itself is almost always presented as ""straight but kinky"" and rarely has any genuine same-sex romantic/sexual passions. These things are problems.,This probably isn't really the place to get into all that however. I've just noticed an uncomfortable and unrelenting trend that the porn industry keeps supporting.,I don't really get the point of the whole point of stressing over the details. Its bi and its hot and I'm super happy this is coming up on the ""straight side"" of porn hub cuz I don't really understand the whole gay/straight divide other than the fact that its mainly for straight guys to not see gay porn when they scour for videos. Like isnt lesbian = gay? But its not considered gay in the categories nor does it ever go into the gay side of pornhub. Anyways that was a long ass comment lol,I don't think a comment can make a video boring but okay. I am however a lil bored with the ""bi perspective"" in both professional and amateur porn coming from a hetero-leaning/hetero-romantic/hetero-passionate/straight-worshiping place. As a homo-leaning pan-sexual (who ultimately considers himself ""gay"") it gets a lil redundant and oppressive. And it's starting to feel borderline homophobic. Even dudes who are supposedly a couple fall into the cliches in their bi clips.,This is hot. Every one enjoying and I love the moaning and balls slapping,This is one of the hottest videos I have ever seen. We need another one with these two.,How do you not just cum instantly?